When shitlibs in YA publishing go after one another, they go for broke. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.   Apparently…. nutcase Justina Ireland started some shit with unicorn haired shitlib author Tristina Wright… (both have blocked me… as if that is going to stop anyone. Just open another browser you idiots), […]

The culture war will be ongoing for quite some time as long as the shitlibs continue trying to censor history because it pleases them. These are the same people who graffiti-ed a Joan of Arc statue recently. Because Joan of Arc was a white supreeeemist… A Civil War battlefield museum in Georgia is closing its […]

Remember when everyone freaked the fuck out because Donald Trump stated in an interview that when you have a terrorist attack you have to “go after their families”?  Well….  Manchester bomber Salman Abedi apparently wasn’t the only member of his family to harbor extremist views, as Libyan officials arrested the suicide bomber’s father and two brothers […]

As some may have noticed, I haven’t made a video in almost two weeks. The first week I was in Charlottesville, Virginia for the Alt Right Protest and KKK rally *cough cough* I mean the Civil War vigil for the fallen dead. But it’s white people with tiki torches so it must be a nod […]

If it makes absolutely no sense at all and is anti-male, it belongs in Gender Studies. Philosopher Peter Boghossian and mathematician James Lindsay perpetrated a hoax intended to expose gender studies as a sham, and they succeeded. The respected professors submitted an absurd article — which blamed penises for global warming — to a respected, peer-reviewed, […]

We hear it all the time. Diversity is our strength. Immigration is an act of kindness. The truth is that immigration is conquest. Immigration is warfare. And Mexico is directly trying to conquer the United States. They may succeed. Mexicans do not assimilate. Many of them feel that they’re entitled to our land due to […]

Jared Taylor speaks in an eloquent way all the thoughts I have but can’t articulate nearly as well. So I present you with his interview on CNN. I so admire the way that he can tolerate these morons at one of the most left wing media outlets in existence.