Strange isn’t it? How those who seem to quote Orwell the most don’t recognize the signs of things he warned about taking place all around them? I was in junior high when I read Animal Farm and in high school when I read 1984. But I didn’t understand the full meaning of those warnings until […]

The U.S. has the same problem. The left has control over the universities, the arts, and our culture. They’ve convinced a whole generation that any opinion outside of leftism should be conquered with silence and violence. And they don’t even have to feel sorry about doing so as long as they scream “fascist” or “racist” […]

As it turns out, the U.S. can get by without immigrants. It even fires them. The “Day Without Immigrants” protest demanding amnesty, lax immigration enforcement, and cheap labor practices fizzled in most U.S. cities, and now many demonstrators have lost their jobs for skipping work. NBC News reports at least 100 workers lost their jobs at different […]

Bono, the eternal “it’s all environment” frontman for humanitarianism now wants to tell Americans that there’s no wall high enough to keep out Islamic terror. Let’s listen to him say the same thing to Israel, Norway, Mexico (along the southern border) and Hungary… all countries with walls meant to keep out Islamic terror or illegal […]

Here’s my latest video. Hope you enjoy.

It has been my fear for quite some time now that Europe will see war. Whether that be Civil War or a war instigated by the Muslim population once they have a political party (which let’s face it, tick tock), who really knows. After having lived in England and spending a considerable amount of time […]