My New YouTube Channel!

I am excited to announce that I am starting a new YouTube channel featuring book reviews, book hauls, and vlogs about writing. I really enjoy watching BookTubers and decided to join in on the fun.

If you have any BookTuber channels that you enjoy and you think I should check out please let me know.

I hope you enjoy!

Sorry for the poor lighting. I should be getting a better set up in a few months time.

Books Mentioned:

Sirens – Tricia Rayburn
Witchstruck – Victoria Lamb
The American Heiress
Mrs. Poe – Lynn Cullen
The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
Starry Nights – Daisy Whitney
A Reliable Wife – Robert Goolrick
The Thieftaker – D.B. Jackson


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  1. teamwanderlustfl · · Reply

    Awesome! I look forward to hearing your reviews! I’m always looking for great new books 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope I can give you some great recommendations.

  2. Hi Bre, I’ve really enjoyed your posts so I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    You can check out the details on my blog:

    1. OH MY GOODNESS! What a great thing to wake up to and read this morning! Haha! Thank you so much! I will get working on that 10 Things About Myself right away. I am so flattered I enjoy your posts as well. Thank you!

  3. Very nice! I agree the cover for Witchstruck is beautiful and the book sounds great 🙂

    What are your first two books about?

    And good luck with NaNo. I debated participating this year, but decided I needed to focus on getting my current WIP finished. Maybe next year!

    1. My first book is ‘The Elder Origins’, which is a historical fantasy about vampires (trying to do a unique spin on them since most these days have the same story line). And the second ‘The Keeper’s Realm’ is a YA paranormal romance about a girl who has visions of past happenings that are really frightening and she finds out that she is a guardian between realms.

      Thank you! I hope I managed to get to 50,000 words. Really excited about the new challenge. I needed one because I was getting a bit lazy with my writing. Good luck with you WIP!

      1. Just took a peek at The Elder Origins on Amazon. It looks really cool–adding it to my TBR list 🙂

      2. Thank you so much! If you enjoy it, can you review it for me? I am desperate for some good reviews.

      3. Sure! I’ll see what I can do. It might take me awhile to get to it, but it’s officially on my list 🙂

      4. Just to let you know, I re-nominated you back for the Sunshine Award. Haha! I love your blog and wanted to return the favor even though you obviously have already been nominated. Truth is, I don’t know many bloggers in the community yet, so I wanted to spread the love back to you. ❤

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