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Christmas in July

This may not be news to those of us on the right, although I can see it being devastating to those who retweet CNN as if they have any credibility. Although, liberals tend to think that anything James O’Keefe puts out there is edited or chopped in such a way to suit his narrative. A […]

#HeterosexualPrideDay Madness!

Heterosexuals unite on #HetereosexualPrideDay via Twitter… which has got to be the best hashtag ever created because it exposes the LGBT (rstuvwhatever….) for what it really is. Amanda Deibert 🏳️‍🌈  @amandadeibert 1h 1 hour ago Please tweet me your struggles coming out as straight to your family. If they disowned you for it know we […]

Let the schools fall

An excerpt from Vox Day’s collection of articles from 2001-2005 in “Innocence and Intellect.” It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be – a place to detach children […]

Hit Piece Ahead

Yesterday afternoon, I received this email from the fact checker at Harpers Magazine. A young woman contacted me weeks ago about appearing in an article she was writing on the Alt Right. I declined to participate. I’ve watched others on the right say constantly that doing any sort of mainstream interview is always a hit […]

Lynch in the hot seat

So I’m gathering that it generally takes the Justice Department about 8-10 months to catch up with what people already know. Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of House oversight committee, said Saturday that the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office, in addition to a Senate panel, is looking into whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch […]

Accept LGBTQ (rstuv?) Or Else!

We believe in absolute freedom of association… unless you don’t like gays and don’t want them to adopt children. Then you’re a bigot. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) will bar state employees from business trips to four states after those states passed measures limiting the rights of LGBT people. The new restrictions prohibit state-funded […]

I’m back bitches!

After almost a week, I thi And (dare I say) I’m operational again. And I’m gonna come back better than ever. Last night, I was sitting around and loading various things onto my new laptop (which is a total beast of a machine). And I ran into the age old problem I’ve struggled with. The […]