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I’m On Vid.Me

I need 42 more followers on Vid.Me before I can upload there regularly. My videos are public again on YouTube, but given their censorship it might be a matter of time before I’m banned. I’m currently forbidden to live stream. So please consider following me on multiple platforms.

Dragons Can Be Slain

Vox Day did a brilliant Periscope a couple nights ago that explained the reasons as to why modern literature is complete drivel. Most of our lives we’re told what makes good literature or fiction. We sit in classrooms as teachers explain why this piece or that piece is a classic. The style and messages are […]

Trump Bans Transgenders

In battle men need to be focused. They need to be lethal. They need to be okay with the potential of shooting a child with a grenade or a woman who points a gun at them. They see horrors that I can’t imagine living with and then come home to a veteran system that screws […]

One Man Show?

I’m starting to suspect that the banning of my Richard Spencer interview (linked down below as it will continue to be for a while because reasons and it makes me laugh) was done by one individual. I learned from Black Pigeon Speaks and Tara McCarthy that entire groups of SJWs were targeting Alt Right videos […]

What happened?

In case you haven’t heard, YouTube took down my interview with Richard Spencer yesterday evening. I’ve heard rumors going around that SJWs are targeting Alt Right YouTube channels by flagging their videos en mass. If they can get three taken down, you’re banned for life. In order to avoid my entire channel being banned and […]

Tiana Dalichov | Agenda 46 | 27Crows Radio #2


You DIRTY White Nationalist!