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RIP Dell Laptop

So… I’m currently writing this from a friend’s desktop because as the title of this blog post implies, my laptop bit the dust this week. So long pal! I have to give the Dell credit where it’s due because I worked that thing to its max and asked more of it than it was capable. […]

Congrats to Jon Del Arroz

Today, an author friend of mine releases his brand new novel,  For Steam and Country. I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Jon via Google Hangouts last month. His new novel can be found here in both eBook format and paperback. Her father’s been pronounced dead. Destructive earthquakes ravage the countryside. An invading […]

Gorgo | How White Identity Cured Her Depression

Virginia Park Shooter Identified

Crime rates in cities run by liberals are always higher than those run by right wingers. There’s even evidence to support that the cities that voted for HRC have the highest crime rates in the country. Update 1: President Trump has just confirmed that Hodgkinson has died from wounds incurred during his shootout with the […]

The Fatima Prophecy: The Fall of Western Civilization | Dave Reilly and Bre Faucheux

She Needs to Go Back

Sadly, this woman’s opinion is one shared by most black people I have met. 1960: Blacks fought to end segregation.2017: Blacks fight to reinstitute segregation. — 🐼Elizabeth🌹 (@BasedElizabeth) June 7, 2017 The woman in the video tries to make the argument of “poor whitie”… “my people have it so bad”…. “America is a racist […]

The Breitbart Breakup

As I stated in my previous live stream, I’m breaking up with Breitbart news. Why? Reporter Katie McHugh was fired… for telling the truth. Katie McHugh 🇺🇸‏  @k_mcq   There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. #LondonBridge You don’t get any more truthful than that. One of the most […]