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Rebel Media – An Ethical Black Hole

Ever wonder why Lauren Southern was fired, why everyone hates Ezra Levant and why Gavin McInnes cucks so much that even his Proud Boys can’t stand him anymore? Watch and learn. Thank you to Caolan Robertson for being brave enough to bring us the truth.

Christmas in July

This may not be news to those of us on the right, although I can see it being devastating to those who retweet CNN as if they have any credibility. Although, liberals tend to think that anything James O’Keefe puts out there is edited or chopped in such a way to suit his narrative. A […]

Hit Piece Ahead

Yesterday afternoon, I received this email from the fact checker at Harpers Magazine. A young woman contacted me weeks ago about appearing in an article she was writing on the Alt Right. I declined to participate. I’ve watched others on the right say constantly that doing any sort of mainstream interview is always a hit […]

The Breitbart Breakup

As I stated in my previous live stream, I’m breaking up with Breitbart news. Why? Reporter Katie McHugh was fired… for telling the truth. Katie McHugh 🇺🇸‏  @k_mcq   There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. #LondonBridge You don’t get any more truthful than that. One of the most […]

A Witch Hunt Indeed

At first it appeared as though the ‘muh Russia’ narrative was nothing more than shitlibs not being able to accept that their world view had been largely rejected. It appears as though it has morphed into something else entirely. President Donald Trump criticized the decision to appoint a special counsel to the probe investigating allegations the […]

Deny Deny Deny!

All the reasons why the American people don’t trust the hoaxing media all wrapped up in a single day of CNN “very fake news” coverage. Since news broke Monday that the Obama Administration’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, directed the “unmasking” of NSA intercepts of Trump associates, CNN has raced to shoot down the blockbuster […]

Fewer Americans Trust Hoaxing Media

What gave it away? While most Americans say that both traditional and online media are reporting “fake news,” they’re more than twice as likely to attribute the falsehoods to deliberate deception rather than to incompetence, a new poll by Monmouth University reveals. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they’re either “regularly” (27%) or “occasionally” being […]