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Let the schools fall

An excerpt from Vox Day’s collection of articles from 2001-2005 in “Innocence and Intellect.” It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be – a place to detach children […]

The Fatima Prophecy: The Fall of Western Civilization | Dave Reilly and Bre Faucheux


#OrcPosting is the best thing ever! I noticed this over the weekend as it started making it’s rounds throughout Twitter. I don’t know who started it, but it’s brilliant. It uses the objective truths of the circumstances in Middle Earth to make the points the Alt Right has been making for years. Whoever started it… […]

Well… I saw that one coming.

When shitlibs in YA publishing go after one another, they go for broke. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.   Apparently…. nutcase Justina Ireland started some shit with unicorn haired shitlib author Tristina Wright… (both have blocked me… as if that is going to stop anyone. Just open another browser you idiots), […]

Bare boobies = respect

One of my former favorite Olympic gymnasts is now making the same argument I’ve heard countless strippers make. Not a group of women you want to be on the same page with. Aly Raisman is making no apologies for posing topless for Sports Illustrated. The Olympic gold medalist hopes her photo shoot will teach girls […]