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YA Book Community Dissolving

For the sake of sparing my readers the drain of going through the entire article on my blog, I’ll link the beautiful article concerning the YA book community and it’s “problematic” problems right HERE. Let’s just say, I love being right. The YA book community and publishing world is a toxic poisonous mess of idiot […]

Dictionary now SJW subverted

Here’s the NY Times tweet. The New York Times @nytimes Trump administration wants to investigate colleges for discriminating against white applicants, document suggests Here’s’s response to it.‏  @Dictionarycom Retweeted The New York Times #AffirmativeAction = encouragement of representation of women & minorities =/= discrimination against white people The blatant truth is that […]

Dunkirk Film Review Offensive?

My friend the Lawn Gnome had his film review of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk demonetized this morning. What was it that offended the now ADL owned YouTube thought police? Was it that he didn’t mention the lack of diversity? Was it because he didn’t trash the film for being pro-nationalist? Was it that he didn’t bash […]

Diversity Police vs Dunkirk

Hmm… I seem to remember that I made a video saying almost the EXACT same thing back in September 2016.  But Dunkirk is all about white males making sacrifices on pain of death rather than patriarchal white male privilege. We can’t have that. In the words of Molyneux, “stop whining, stop complaining, and go make […]

Tiana Dalichov | Agenda 46 | 27Crows Radio #2


They had to go back

What a beautiful way to handle the situation. I couldn’t have done it better myself. At least some of our representatives aren’t completely cucked. A fight broke out among lawmakers at the Texas State Capitol on Monday after a Republican representative responded to people protesting recently passed immigration legislation by calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement to […]

If you’re white, self-publish

The traditional publishing industry and SJW book bloggers were once trying to hide their obvious prejudice against whites and fell into the classic phrase of “you can’t be racist to white people.” Now they openly embrace their obvious anti-white agenda. No… you just want fewer white people. You can say you’re not anti-white when you’re […]