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Tiana Dalichov | Agenda 46 | 27Crows Radio #2


Richard Spencer | Changing the Paradigm | 27Crows Radio #1

The Fatima Prophecy: The Fall of Western Civilization | Dave Reilly and Bre Faucheux

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Jared Taylor on CNN

Jared Taylor speaks in an eloquent way all the thoughts I have but can’t articulate nearly as well. So I present you with his interview on CNN. I so admire the way that he can tolerate these morons at one of the most left wing media outlets in existence. 

PhilosoChat#23 | Bre Faucheux Discusses Cultural Marxist Subversion in the Arts

I was honored to have a discussion with Rocking Mr. E last week on the subversion of the arts through cultural Marxism. I hope you enjoy.