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The Fatima Prophecy: The Fall of Western Civilization | Dave Reilly and Bre Faucheux

Tara McCarthy | The Lovely Alt Right Reporter

Jon Del Arroz | Space Opera Author & Journalist

Jared Taylor on CNN

Jared Taylor speaks in an eloquent way all the thoughts I have but can’t articulate nearly as well. So I present you with his interview on CNN. I so admire the way that he can tolerate these morons at one of the most left wing media outlets in existence. 

PhilosoChat#23 | Bre Faucheux Discusses Cultural Marxist Subversion in the Arts

I was honored to have a discussion with Rocking Mr. E last week on the subversion of the arts through cultural Marxism. I hope you enjoy.

Elora, Bre and Rebecca – Femininity in the Modern World

I was honored to be featured again on Red Ice TV along with Elora from TheBlondeButterMaker and Rebecca from BlondeInTheBellyoftheBeast on Red Ice TV. We discussed everything from health, fertility, femininity, and dating. I hope you enjoy it.

When I Interview Someone…

I recently started interviewing people on my YouTube channel. I have aspirations of one day being able to afford a MAC and have a functional Skype recorder (the one for Windows is atrocious) and to be able to post multiple interviews a week. So many ideas! So little time and resources. *sigh* But with interviewing […]