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Virginia Park Shooter Identified

Crime rates in cities run by liberals are always higher than those run by right wingers. There’s even evidence to support that the cities that voted for HRC have the highest crime rates in the country. Update 1: President Trump has just confirmed that Hodgkinson has died from wounds incurred during his shootout with the […]

Comey the Traitor FIRED

I didn’t quite believe my eyes when I first beheld the headline, but it appears to be true. President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, according to a statement from the White House. In a statement from the press office, the White House said Trump acted on the recommendation of Attorney General […]

And the young cucks flee…

You can expect cucks to cuck cuckingly every time. Especially on college campuses. Young America’s Foundation (YAF) has pulled out of Ann Coulter’s Thursday event at UC Berkeley, blaming the college for allowing left-wing extremists to terrorize conservatives on campus. “When Young America’s Foundation confirmed Ann Coulter would speak at UC-Berkeley as part of YAF’s […]

The MoldyLocks Scandal

Make #CalExit Happen!

Just when you thought California couldn’t go more full retard, it goes more full retard. And yes, I’m using the word retard because it tends to trigger lefties non-stop as “offensive.” One California State Senator has amended a bill to discriminate against any contractor who works on President Trump’s border wall—by banning them for life […]

Separating the Art from the Artist

Props to Tim Allen

Tim Allen, a rare red pilled actor. Tim Allen says that living in Hollywood right now is akin to Nazi Germany. The comedian made the claim while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “You gotta be real careful around here,” Allen noted. “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is […]