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Domains & Website Hosting, the New Political Frontier

Over the weekend, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer wrote an article concerning the young woman who was killed in Charlottesville as the result of a car slamming into unprotected counter protesters who were running wild in the streets. We still don’t know if this act was deliberate, if the driver was a lone wolf, […]

Fat shaming hedgehogs is wrong!

Or at least that’s what Instagram thinks. Because they suspended Lauren Southern then reinstated her account. Why you ask? Yep. You read properly. No, don’t go back and reread it. You read properly the first time. The deplatforming will get even worse. Now excuse me. I have to go make some racist Chinese stir fry […]

#Charlottesville May Have Redefined Women’s Roles in the Alt Right

Originally posted on Wife With A Purpose:
☁️ When I first agreed to speak at Charlottesville at Unite the Right no one could have predicted what sort of event it would become. Many of the speakers scheduled such as Richard Spencer and Chris Cantrell had successfully spoken many times at many different events with little…

Dunkirk Film Review Offensive?

My friend the Lawn Gnome had his film review of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk demonetized this morning. What was it that offended the now ADL owned YouTube thought police? Was it that he didn’t mention the lack of diversity? Was it because he didn’t trash the film for being pro-nationalist? Was it that he didn’t bash […]

Trump Bans Transgenders

In battle men need to be focused. They need to be lethal. They need to be okay with the potential of shooting a child with a grenade or a woman who points a gun at them. They see horrors that I can’t imagine living with and then come home to a veteran system that screws […]

What happened?

In case you haven’t heard, YouTube took down my interview with Richard Spencer yesterday evening. I’ve heard rumors going around that SJWs are targeting Alt Right YouTube channels by flagging their videos en mass. If they can get three taken down, you’re banned for life. In order to avoid my entire channel being banned and […]

I Created a Podcast – 27Crows Radio