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Simon Roche | Crisis in South Africa | 27Crows Radio #3

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Want a glimpse of a future…

… with whites as a minority in the United States? Here’s a hint! It’s look similar to how whites were slaughtered in Haiti and how they’re being slaughtered right now in South Africa.   To the whites who think they’re being virtuous with their egalitarian attitude toward other races who don’t have any respect for […]

Brave University Professor Speaks Out Against White Extinction

Erdogan encourages European replacement

If you don’t think this is war, you’re not paying attention. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Turkey’s citizens in Europe to step up their rates of procreation and have five children each, saying a booming Turkish population would be the best answer to the EU’s “vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice”. Nearly a week […]

Superbowl oh so white?

Arthur van Kaseman ‏@longhorn12471 15h15 hours ago#SuperBowl Referees have been bought by #Trump! #Patriots#Falcons#WhiteSupremacy Mad @MadSwagMartin Mom: “the patriots are full of white guys and the Seahawks are full of black guys…. Interesting” Zemrag ‏ @Zemrag7 3h3 hours ago Zemrag Retweeted Was SO DISGUSTING!! Couldnt do a larger display of love for european #whitesupremacy genocidal thieves […]

We’re not satisfied

We want France too. And maybe Italy. And Spain. And Sweden. And Germany. Heck, let the rest of the EU fall apart. The leader of France’s far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, was seen in Trump Tower in Manhattan on Thursday. Le Pen, who in November called President-elect Donald Trump’s victory a “sign of […]

This is how it begins…

By trying to erase white history as though it never happened. They are titans of philosophy, without whose work an understanding of the subject is all but inconceivable. But now students at a University of London college are demanding that such seminal figures as Plato, Descartes, Immanuel Kant and Bertrand Russell should be largely dropped […]