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Congrats to Jon Del Arroz

Today, an author friend of mine releases his brand new novel,  For Steam and Country. I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Jon via Google Hangouts last month. His new novel can be found here in both eBook format and paperback. Her father’s been pronounced dead. Destructive earthquakes ravage the countryside. An invading […]

Write With Courage | Bre Faucheux

I was recently interviewed by Thor Holt, host of the Write With Courage podcast. I hope everyone enjoys it. Don’t forget to visit Thor Holt’s podcast on iTunes and subscribe:!/id1114696435?mt=2

Forever a Panster

Ground breaking news today. Not really, but we’ll pretend. I actually planned out the next five or so chapters of my current work in progress. That’s saying a lot from a discovery writer. I can sometimes know where things are going a tiny bit in advance, but not five chapters. Will I use the plans […]

My Struggle with Likelihood

In my observations, I’ve noticed that many authors have the same struggles. They feel like these struggles are singular to them and their own personal situation. The reason why is because very few authors actually get together and talk about their struggles unless it’s on a forum. I know some who get together weekly or […]

You Don’t Need All the Answers

I love listening to podcasts about writing. I love listening to interviews with successful authors. I love engaging in conversations about writing and knocking ideas around. And lately, there has been one common theme in most of the discussions I’ve had or listened to. That’s the notion that you have to know all the things […]

11. Writing Out Loud

6:15 AM – Begrudgingly got out of bed. We tried something different last night and put the dogs in the living room. Then I snuck out while they were asleep and barricaded the door so they couldn’t scratch it and get in to wake me up. They kept me up all Saturday night and I […]

Teen Book Con 2015 | #teenbookcon

Hope you enjoy!! <333