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Congrats to Jon Del Arroz

Today, an author friend of mine releases his brand new novel,  For Steam and Country. I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Jon via Google Hangouts last month. His new novel can be found here in both eBook format and paperback. Her father’s been pronounced dead. Destructive earthquakes ravage the countryside. An invading […]

Well… I saw that one coming.

When shitlibs in YA publishing go after one another, they go for broke. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.   Apparently…. nutcase Justina Ireland started some shit with unicorn haired shitlib author Tristina Wright… (both have blocked me… as if that is going to stop anyone. Just open another browser you idiots), […]

If you’re white, self-publish

The traditional publishing industry and SJW book bloggers were once trying to hide their obvious prejudice against whites and fell into the classic phrase of “you can’t be racist to white people.” Now they openly embrace their obvious anti-white agenda. No… you just want fewer white people. You can say you’re not anti-white when you’re […]

Muh diversity = no writing

The sacred publishing industry will shoot themselves in the foot before admitting that their push for diversity is doing exactly what I always said it would do. Drive people apart. The end result of this “cultural appropriation” craze is that there’s no place for a white writer. I’ve been told by several editors to change […]

Publishers Don’t Have a Clue

One of the main reasons I decided to stop querying agents and took a hard stance against the traditional publishing industry about this time last year was because of posts exactly like the one you see above. Traditional publishing is no longer about a heroic male lead who learns lessons, saves the day, wins over […]

Pussy Writers UNITE!

To my great amusement, #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear and #WhatWoCWritersHear (meaning women of color) was trending on Twitter a few days ago. Aside from being wildly entertaining, it was interesting to see the SJWs whining, moaning, and complaining about their ‘muh oppression’ and ‘muh sexism’ and ‘muh prejudice’ and ‘muh wicked patriarchy’ considering that not one of them […]

Broken authors = broken books

That moment when all the cliches you thought were bogus about being a writer turn out to be true… More than 100 authors are now part of the #HoldOnToTheLight conversation! Our authors span the globe, from the US to the UK to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Even more exciting is that as the campaign […]