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☁️ When I first agreed to speak at Charlottesville at Unite the Right no one could have predicted what sort of event it would become. Many of the speakers scheduled such as Richard Spencer and Chris Cantrell had successfully spoken many times at many different events with little…

Carol Swain predicted the rise of the Alt Right in an accurate way nearly fifteen years ago. Very interesting discussion that was cut off because the news anchor said “we gotta go”. Too much truth perhaps?

Baked Alaska is seriously hurt from the bear mace that was sprayed in his eyes yesterday. A man ripped off his sunglasses to spray him. Baked Alaska™‏  @bakedalaska 3h Had to go to the hospital, eyes still in extreme pain and oozing. Vision very blurry thank you all for the continued prayers. Baked Alaska™‏  @bakedalaska […]

The events of yesterday will undoubtedly be used as a means to bring down every statue symbolizing “white male oppression,” meaning our Founding Fathers, our culture, our history, and our race. Jennifer Rubin‏ @JRubinBlogger It’s time to get rid of the statues and get rid of the alt-right heroes in the White House. Ben Shapiro‏ […]

Red Ice’s main website for members and their Twitter accounts were hacked. The Antifa who hacked them are threatening to dox everyone who was signed up for their paid service.  Richard Spencer can’t complete a Periscope without it being shut down two minutes in. Basked Alaska was mased by Antifa thugs who ripped off his […]

When I went to bed last night, the #UniteTheRight rally had begun. I was regaled with memories of being a part of Charlottesville 1.0 and standing in the front row in Lee Park as Sam Dickson, Nathan Damigo, and Richard Spencer stood before everyone and spoke. We chanted “no more brother wars”, “you will not […]