Must be nice to encourage others to take in rape-fugees whilst not housing any on your own, Mr. Gaiman. But glad to see you’re using your time wisely. Prolific film, television, comic book and novel author Neil Gaiman will do a complete reading of the menu at popular eatery The Cheesecake Factory if his fans […]

None of us expect much from Hollywood anymore. They’ve proven that they’re about as un-American as you can possibly get as they insult half the country and do everything in their power to proclaim a legitimate president to be illegitimate simply because they still can’t figure out how the electoral college works and has always […]

What a beautiful way to handle the situation. I couldn’t have done it better myself. At least some of our representatives aren’t completely cucked. A fight broke out among lawmakers at the Texas State CapitolĀ on Monday after a Republican representative responded to people protesting recently passed immigration legislation by calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement to […]